• About mobile furnaces

    The technical content than the conventional oven at its furnaces as part of Bub 5 cm thick filled with lava rock grist. The lava rock is very good heat absorption and heat retention materials. The outer part is provided with a 5 cm thick insulation, therefore, inside the furnace, the heat remains cavity. The chimney draft regulator is built. We thereby reduce the heat loss. Thus, in the oven at a very economical and efficient mode fry-cook. The furnace separate from the oven and the firebox, so continuous cooking and baking can be done up to 24 hours. The temperature in the oven cavity is able to control temperature meter, while it is not built in a traditional oven.
  • Stone products

    Raw materials of the products: concrete and rhyolite stone embedded in stone. The stone color naturalness inherently a whitish yellow to dark red shade can be found. They retain their color, even after many years against fading. Since the volcanic rock excellent resistance to high heat. Our products are built to withstand vicissitudes of weather, so they need not be stored indoors during the winter.
  • Wooden products

    Our products are all made of acacia. The wood is heavy, hard and highly resistant against insects and mushrooms. Therefore, long-lasting (the color will change only) for decades without treatment. To access the durability of our products treated with primer protection against fungi and insects in wood. It is in the color insets thereafter. Selection, acquisition and processing of the raw material timber format. Therefore appear in the finished form natural sources such as wood (logs). Interior design of our furniture even further machining, tapping new technology is being used.

Union Games

Material: Assorted dried acacia logs.
These games are appropriate to EU standards and certified. Kinder gardens, schools, public facilities, playgrounds are safe for use.


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